Crowfield Plantation Pools 2022

The 2022 pool season will begin May 19th!

This pool season will return to pre-COVID rules and regulations!

Pool Hours:

6:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Pool Rules:

Crowfield Plantation HOA Policies for Swim Season 2022

1. Participants must be in good standing with the Crowfield Plantation HOA.

2. Access will be governed with access by fobs available for purchase from the Crowfield Plantation HOA Office. Access to the application form can be found below.

3. Adolescents aged 13-17 may have access to pool facilities upon completion of registration on file with the Crowfield Plantation HOA Office. Youth passes are $5, please allow two business days for processing. Payment and all associated paperwork must be submitted in order to begin processing.

4. All 4 Crowfield Plantation HOA Pools will be open at 6 AM and close at 10 PM daily. Click here for pool attendant and lifeguard application.

5. A member Amenity Access Agreement must be on file with the office to gain access to the pools this season. *FOBS WILL NOT BE TURNED ON FOR POOL ACCESS WITHOUT A VALID AMENITY ACCESS AGREEMENT*

6. Private Pool Facilities Reservations are available. Pool rental information is below. *We still do not have any lifeguards as of May 4th, 2022. Until we have lifeguards, we are unable to rent the pools.*

7. Swim Lessons will be available in limited capacity at the Cherry Hill pool. The Cherry Hill pool will remain open during the lessons. Swim lesson information is below.

10. Water aerobics will be available at the Planters Walk pool, which will be closed during scheduled classes. Water aerobic information is below.

Crowfield Plantation HOA Pool Facilities Rules and Guidelines 2022

1. By entering and using the facilities, you agree to take all responsibility for your own health and the health of your children and guests.  The association makes no assurance regarding the cleanliness and sanitation of the facilities. Use of the Crowfield Plantation pools and facilities is at your own risk. 

2. Children age 13–17, with a pre-purchased Crowfield waiver may enter the pool without a parent. 

3. Pool furniture will be available and the pool user assumes responsibility for sanitizing before and after use.

4. Pools will be open based on pool attendant staffing.  We have a goal to have our pools open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily. 

5. Any disrespect or verbal abuse toward any Crowfield staff including pool attendants will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the pools indefinitely.

 Key FOBS are available for purchase at the CPCSA office.

Click HERE for the Amenity Access Procedures and Agreement.

Click HERE for the Youth Pass Registration form.
In order to go to a pool unattended, any youth between the ages of 13-17 must:

1. Have a signed youth pass application on file in the office.
2. Have their laminated waiver card and fob with them at the pool. 
Youth passes are $5 per child, please allow two business days for processing of youth passes.

Please note: youth are not allowed to take guests to the pool under any circumstances.

Swim Lessons
Click here for swim lesson flyer.
Click here for the swim lesson application.
Water Aerobics & Other Fitness Classes
Click here for information on Water Fitness Classes.
Click here for Calendar.

CPCSA pools are available for PRIVATE EVENT RENTALS in limited capacity at this time.
Residents may rent any one of the four pools for four hour time periods.
Non-residents may only rent Planters Walk Pool in conjunction with the
Planters Walk Clubhouse. For information regarding availability,
please contact the CPCSA office: (843) 572-4758.

Click here for the 2022 Pool Rental Agreement.

All CPCSA pools are

Pool attendants will be on duty during regular pool hours. 
Lifeguards will be provided for private pool parties only.

Cherry Hill
199 Cherry Hill Avenue
Hunters Woods
120 Bugle Drive

Planters Walk
201 Planters Boulevard

Stratford Forest
127 Stratford Drive