Living with Wildlife!

With warm and moist weather conditions, it is common to see animals of all varieties roam the grounds, lakes and rivers of the Charleston area. While Crowfield Plantation does its best to maintain the animal activity in our community, we must remember that we are merely cohabitants with the species of nature.

Our community is surrounded by 41 ponds and one massive lake, Lake Crowfield. It is only normal to witness alligators sunbathing on the grounds or to see snakes emerge from their homes for a few moments of warm air and food. It may seem that these animals are a nuisance and life-threatening, but, more than likely, they feel the same way about us. It is important to remember that we must work together to ensure that we protect ourselves appropriately, while preserving the environment of all wildlife.

Here are tips to follow if there should ever be a close encounter with Crowfield's common wildlife:

They should never be fed or harassed. It is, by law, a punishable crime because they are federally protected. If one should approach your property or is causing any problems, contact  Gator Getter for their removal. For More Alligator tips, click here.

Stay calm and walk away. Most are not aggressive and will only react when threatened.  It is a common misconception that moth balls are capable of keeping away snakes. Moth balls, in fact, have very little effect on them and more of an impact on people. The fumes are toxic which harm humans more than they do snakes. There are certain products that could be used for snake removal.
Here are a couple of items: Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellants or Dr. T's DT364 Snake-A-Way Snake Repellant

Stay calm and walk away. They are not usually aggressive and do not carry rabies. While they can be a nuisance, they are great for keeping away rodents and snakes.

They are constantly in search of food at night, so be sure that your garbage and old food are thrown out appropriately to limit their attraction to your property.

Normally, they are not aggressive, but if approached they will act aggressively. More than likely they are attempting to protect their den.

Never try to feed them because it could easily trigger an attack. While growth around the ponds may seem like an eye sore, they provide ways of protecting life inside the ponds as well as the outside. Leaving the plant growth around the ponds plays a major part in deterring Geese from one's property.

Food for thought
Keep all yards nicely trimmed and free of debris. Keep doors and windows closed and make sure that trash and recycling is disposed of properly. Most importantly, never feed the wildlife.

A few rules and regulations:

Crowfield Plantation does not allow hunting on its grounds.
It is illegal to kill geese or ducks.
It is illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits unless it is done for protection of your life or property.
It is illegal to shoot an unsecured animal on public or private property.

For further information on the rules and regulations when handling wildlife,
visit these websites:

Palmetto Wildlife Extractions
The City of Goose Creek: Code of Ordinances
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

If you have any questions, please contact: