Key Fobs for Pools and 
Tennis Courts Available Now!

2023 Amenity Access Agreement.pdf

We accept the following payment methods:
debit/credit cards, checks, or money orders to purchase your fob. Cash payments over the amount of $15.00 cannot be accepted.
(Sorry, we don't accept American Express or Discover Cards)

Crowfield pools and tennis courts have no separate membership fee!
You can fill out an Amenity Access Agreement and purchase a fob at the CPCSA office for a one-time fee of $25; the fob will be yours to access the pools and tennis courts for as long as you live in Crowfield. If your account is not in good standing, your fob will be disabled but can be reactivated at no fee once your account comes back into good standing.
If you have an Amenity Access Agreement on file, your fob will automatically be activated for pool access when the pools open.

Do I have to buy a fob? 
Residents are only required to purchase a fob if they wish to use Crowfield's amenities. If you are not interested in using these amenities, you will not need to purchase a key fob.

What if I already have a fob for the Crowfield RV lot?  
Your RV fob will also give you access to the pools and tennis courts if you come into the CPCSA office and fill out an Amenity Access Agreement, at no extra fee.  If you have an RV fob and purchase a second fob, the second fob will only access the pools and tennis courts. Residents without a slot in the RV lot will only have access to the pools and tennis court, not the RV lot.

How do the fobs work? 
Each amenity has a small reader box on or near the gate which will “read” a fob that is held up to it.  If a fob is programmed for that amenity, the reader will turn green, and the lock will open.  Then you can use the knob or handle to enter the amenity.  If the reader stays red, please contact the CPCSA office to resolve the issue.  When you purchase a fob, we enter your name and fob number into our system.  When a fob is used, the system keeps a log of the fob number, date/time, and location.  If there is ever an issue at an amenity, we can search the log to find out who was there and contact them.

How do I exit the pools? 
Cherry Hill and Stratford Forest have push-button exits; push the button and then simply push the gate to exit.  Hunters Woods and Planters Walk have no button; turn the handle on the gate and push to exit.

What if I lose or find a fob? 
Please contact the CPCSA office as soon as possible.  We can look up a lost fob by the resident’s last name and disable it so an unauthorized person cannot use it.  If someone finds a fob and turns it in, we can look it up with our electronic fob reader; the system will show us who owns the fob so we can contact them.

What will damage my fob?  
The fobs are electronic, so water, high temperatures (such as hot cars in summer), and strong force (banging, crushing) may cause them to malfunction.  If your fob stops working, you may come into the CPCSA office to purchase a replacement.