Pet Ownership
Please review the information below for answers to your questions about pet ownership in Goose Creek and within Crowfield Plantation.

If you lose or find a pet:

Please contact the CPCSA office. If you can, email a photo of the animal with all relevant information to:
We will send an email to the community in hopes to find your furry companion or to return he/she to their rightful owner.
If you do not feel comfortable approaching a found pet, or it appears to be unfriendly, ferocious, or diseased, please contact the City of Goose Creek Animal Control at 843-863-5200 Ext. 2318 or 843-572-4300

 Crowfield Plantation Covenants:

    No animals, reptiles, rodents, birds, fish, livestock or poultry shall be raised, bred, or maintained on any Lot, except that customary household pets such as domestic dogs, cats, fish and birds, gerbils and hamsters, inside cages, may be kept as household pets within any structure upon a Lot, provided they are not kept, bred, raised therein for commercial purposes, or in unreasonable quantities. As used in these Covenants, "unreasonable quantities" shall be deemed to limit the total number of all adult dogs and cats to two (2) per lot. All pet's must be under the control of a responsible person and obedient to that person's command at any time they are permitted outside a house or other dwelling or enclosed area. Unsupervised animals are subject to being picked up by the City of Goose Creek Animal Control in accordance with the city's leash law. 

For City of Goose Creek Information regarding pets, please CLICK HERE.

 Other Tips:

  • When letting your pet go into a fenced yard, be sure that gates and entryways are properly closed. Also, check for broken or missing fence periodically. 

  • Be sure to teach your pet basic voice commands in case of situations where he or she may break loose from a leash or escape an enclosed area. Please keep collars and tags on pets. It truly helps them to be returned.

  • Cats tend to escape during your entry and exit of your home more quietly. Consider placing a bell on its collar.

  • Not only is feces smelly, but it is also a health hazard to other pets and the children of our community that play outside.
    Keep feces bags stored with leashes to avoid forgetfulness. 

  • The Goose Creek provisions regarding dog and cat excrement does not apply to seeing-eye dogs and dogs used by police officers for law enforcement purposes. If you see one have an accident and you have extra bags handy, consider picking up after it.

  • Please make sure your pets have regular check-ups and are up-to-date with shots. Neglect of disease and vaccines put your pet, and everyone else's, at risk.

  • Please remember to clean up after your pet when it uses the facilities on your property and property that doesn't belong to you. This includes (but is not limited to) the hiking/biking trails, parks, sidewalks, and your neighbor's property.