Crowfield Plantation's Committees

These Committees help the HOA Board to do their job more effectively.
They do their best to help maintain our Crowfield community.

CPCSA committees are always looking for volunteers with fresh perspectives and ideas. If you would like more information or to be a volunteer for one of these committees, please submit a bio to the CPCSA Manager and indicate which committee you would have interest in joining.

Remember, volunteers must be in good standing with the HOA and have some knowledge
of Crowfield business.

Architectural Review Board (ARB):

The ARB reviews applications for exterior modifications and strive to accurately interpret guidelines and our Covenants. The ARB aids homeowners, architects, and builders in abiding by the Covenants and maintaining the harmonious appearance of each neighborhood.

Budget & Finance Committee:

Members of the Budget and Finance Committee are educated in Crowfield financial matters, assist in annual budget and long-range planning, help create income and expense forecasts, and maintain working relationships with the CPCSA manager and finance manager.

Covenants Committee:

The sole purpose of the Covenants Committee is to provide homeowners with the opportunity to appeal a Covenant violation with the cited homeowner to determine if it adheres reasonably and fairly with the established Covenants and By-Laws.

RV Lot:

This committee strives to improve and maintain the quality of the RV Lot. They plan projects and review suggestions from homeowners. The RV Lot committee keeps the security and care of homeowner’s personal property at the heart of all decision making.

Ponds & Lakes Committee:

The Ponds and Lakes Committee is committed to proactively creating and implementing maintenance plans to help sustain the beauty of our community’s waterways. They meet with other communities, the city, and experts for guidance. The committee is dedicated to controlling embankment erosion, monitoring water quality, maintaining physical appearances, etc.

Teller Committee:

The Teller Committee collects and counts ballots from homeowners, and them reports the voting outcome. Members of this committee should be trustworthy, dependable, and able to work diligently. This committee is held to the utmost standards of accuracy and they aid tremendously in preparing for and executing the Annual Meeting.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee meets to brief potential Board of Directors candidates. 
They conduct an “interview” with each person that submits a bio and requests to place their name on the ballot. 
During the “interview", the committee explains the work load, hours necessary, and requirements of the Board to make sure 
each candidate understands the full responsibility associated with the title.