What should my shed, or other outbuilding, look like?
(Covenants and Restrictions Guideline for Outbuildings and Structures Not Attached to Principal Structure:
Board Approved 2/25/2013 - Attachment #7.21 Rev. 3 to Procedure 10-002)
Please keep the following information in mind when applying for your shed through the Architectural Review Board.

"The exterior finish of all buildings and structures shall be regulated by the Architectural Review Board. The same materials utilized for the exterior and roof of the residence shall also be used for the garage or other buildings erected on the lot."

Clarification: Buildings and structures constructed or erected on the Lot are to comply with the following guidelines:

EXAMPLE 1: If your home has white vinyl siding, dark gray shingles, black shutters and a white door, you may want to consider the photo above. 

*** "No structure of a temporary nature shall be erected or allowed to remain on any Lot, and no trailer, shack, tent, garage, barn, or other structure of a similar nature shall be used as a residence,
either temporary or permanent. Sheds or other temporary structures may be used during construction provided that they be approved in writing by the ARB or its designee, and provided 
further, that such sheds or structures are not used as a
temporary residence."
 1. Resemble Principal Structure.
     a) Exterior Materials. Same as principal structure, see EXAMPLE 1.

     b) Roof. Shingles of the type and color utilized in the construction of the principal structure.

     c) Roof Shape. Shape of the roof to be the same as the principal structure: Mansard, Hip, Flat, Cross-Gabled, etc.

2. Constructed on a permanent base or foundation and secured firmly to the base or  foundation.

3. Not to be located within a set back area.

4. Not to be located within an easement without the written permission of the utility, or service, for which the easement was established and the ARB.

5. Apply and receive permit from the ARB prior to the start of construction.

6. Any and all buildings shall comply with building codes and requirements of the City of Goose Creek, and the State of South Carolina.

How do I apply to the Architectural Review Board? And what will I need? 

Step 1:
Get a copy of the permit application by CLICKING HERE or picking one up at the association office.

Step 2:
Acquire a copy of your property plat. The CPCSA may have one; however, we only have copies if a homeowner or the developer provided one. Otherwise, you will need to have a survey
of your property done. 

Step 3:
You will need a photo of the front of your house, as well as photos of the location where the outbuilding will be placed. If you do not have access to a printer, our office will be more than happy
to print them for you.

Step 4:
Fill out the requested information on the application. The answers to questions regarding set backs and easements can be located on your plat and/or your subdivision covenants (which
may be found online or at the association office). 

Step 5:
If you have decided to construct (or hire a contractor to construct) your outbuilding, please provide detailed dimensioned construction drawings.

Step 6:
If you are purchasing a prefabricated outbuilding, please provide a copy of the company's brochure showing the model you have chosen, as well as any details of modification that will need to be completed in order for it to match the principal structure.

Step 7:
Mark the scaled location of the outbuilding on your property's plat.

Step 8:
Please return all information to the CPCSA office with a $15.00 processing fee. The ARB meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month; applications must be submitted by 1 PM the Thursday beforehand, otherwise it won't be seen until the following meeting date.