Annual Meeting Results

Total members of Crowfield Plantation: 3,950
Members not in good-standing: 265
Members in good-standing (eligible to vote): 3,686
Total Ballots Received: 997

Board of Directors Elections:
(There are 3 three-year terms available)

Three-year terms awarded to:
Dr. Linda Jennings with 716 votes
Gayla McSwain with 733 votes
Cleon Walden with 691 votes

The BUDGET needed 613 "yes" votes to pass.

Yes Votes: 774
No Votes: 146

The Budget Passed.

Master Covenant Change 1
Votes Required: 603
Approved: 721
Disapproved: 185

Master Covenant Change 2
Votes Required: 603
Approved: 689
Disapproved: 217

Master Covenant Change 3
Votes Required: 603
Approved: 676
Disapproved: 230

Master Covenant Change 4
Votes Required: 603
Approved: 747

By-Law Change 1
Votes Required: 596
Approved: 747
Disapproved: 148

By-Law Change 2
Votes Required: 596
Approved: 805
Disapproved: 90

By-Law Change 3
Votes Required: 596
Approved: 743
Disapproved: 152

ALL Proposed Covenants and By-Law Changes Passed.
For full content of ballot items, click HERE.

**You will receive a letter with your statement outlining the new assessment
due date details.

The Board of Directors will meet Monday, November 27th at 6:30 PM in
the Planters Walk Clubhouse to elect officers and appoint liaisons.